Saturday evening (31.03) was held first try of italian cup (by night).
In MElitè after 9.5kms the first who came out from the wood was Mikhail Mamleev followed by Michele Tavernaro and Alessio Tenani (really close at the finish).
Marco Seppi took the 4th position, some seconds ahead of our Nicola Giovanelli (Hawk).
6th and 7th were Emiliano Corona and Giancarlo Simion (gian for skodeg-o!).
Right after them we find a big group (with Jonas Rass, Luca Dallavalle, Marco Bezzi, Massimo Bianchi, gianluca Salvioni and Daniele Orler) fighting for a place into first 10!

On Sunday the headlamps were switched off and a middle distance (2nd try of Italian Cup).
Again (in MElite) Mikhail Mamleev won, almost 3 minutes behind arrived Michele Tavernaro and Daniele Pagliari was 3rd.
Unbelievable race by the junior Luca Dallavalle who came 4th just few seconds down from the podium!

RAnking are not available now….will follow as comment!