Last weekend in Fusine (near Tarvisio) was held the Italian Sprint Championship and the 4th stage of italian Cup.
On Saturday more than 90 people competed to get the italian title in MElite Sprint distance.
Everyone expected Klaus Schgaguler for the victory and he didn’t fail, he won with a great time.
His lead was 34 seconds over Jonas Rass (still junior, 19 years old) while Luca Dallavalle (20 years old) took the bronze medal.
Another junior ran a good race, he is Giancarlo Simion who ended in 5th place.
ME Sprint:
1.SCHGAGULER Klaus__ 14:46
2.RASS Jonas_________15:20
3.DALLAVALLE Luca____15:22
4.SEPPI Marco________15:38
5.SIMION Giancarlo___15:39
6.TENANI Alessio_____15:41

On Sunday the race took place in a stony map.
Again Klaus Schgaguler started as favourite but this time Jonas Rass was the fastest. The 19 years old beated Klaus out by 47 seconds. Manuel Negrello reached the third place but as far as the 15th control he was leading with more than 3 minutes over everyone but then he lost his lead cause a big mistake!
ME Middle:
1.RASS Jonas_________45:10
2.SCHGAGULER Klaus___45:57
3.NEGRELLO Manuel____47:21
4.TAVERNARO Michele__47:37
5.CORONA Emiliano____47:57
6.DALLAVALLE Luca____48:46

WE Sprint
1.KIRCHLECHNER Christine_18:22
2.TORGGLER Heike_________20:19
3.BERTOLDI Helga_________20:29

WE Middle
1.MURER Johanna__________53:07
2.KIRCHLECHNER Christine_54:49
3.SIMION Marina__________56:00