Last week the O-ringen 2007 was held in Mjà¶lby at the same time with the 3rd World Cup stage.

Manuel ran in World Cup, he wasn’t satisfacted at all about his results, too many mistakes on maps completly different from ours.
Anyway he got the 62nd place 16′ behind the winner in the long distance mass start.
Being out from best 50 of the ranking he was out from Final A in middle as well, but others mistakes took him during the final B, avoiding him to arrive better than 26th.
In sprint distance Manuel reached the 14th place in Final B.

Manuel finished the ‘o-ringen week’ in SuperElite class and came back home yesterday night, today he runs the Dolomities Skyrace doing better than in O-ringen; he got the 14th place.

Coming back to o-ringen..Jonas Rass showed off his good-shape again, after the first 2 legs he was 6th in H20Elite.
Then he lost several minutes in middle distance (3rd leg) and other valuable time in chasing start (last leg), as at the end he reached th 14th place in the overall ranking.