Last weekend Italian championships in long distance and relay have been held in Fondi di Jenne, a map not far from Rome.
This kind of wood is very fast to run and the features are not so complex, that’s why who keep up a good speed all the way get a great result!
Days before the race everyone expected Klaus Schgaguler or Michele Tavernaro for the victory, but after first comments from the runners whom finished their race someone begun to think that it could be the race for the 20 years old Giancarlo Simion.
Giancarlo was one of the first MElite coming into the finish, his time (1h30’45”) was the best so far, but still many runners had to finish their race.
The Giancarlo’s waiting for the last elite runner on the finish (Michele Tavernaro) was even harder than the race, but at long last the best time was his!
Here is the comment of Giancarlo: “I started off really fast, maybe too much, infact, after spectator control there was a long butterfly and there i made some small mistakes because i was really tired there. Anyway i was able to keep up my speed until the finish!”
Jonas Rass, 19 years old, was the second and Daniele Pagliari third.

01:30:45 SIMION Giancarlo
01:31:59 RASS Jonas
01:32:13 PAGLIARI Daniele
01:33:40 SCHGAGULER Klaus
01:34:50 TAVERNARO Michele
01:35:17 SEPPI Marco
01:37:58 SEIDENARI Giacomo
01:38:17 CARAGLIO Michele
01:38:21 TENANI Alessio
01:39:02 SALVIONI Gianluca

In WElite KIRCHLECHNER Christine respect the prediction and won the race more than 4 minutes over Michela Guizzardi. Laura Scaravonati came 3rd.

01:26:07 KIRCHLECHNER Christine
01:30:32 GUIZZARDI Michela
01:31:37 SCARAVONATI Laura
01:35:44 SIMION Marina
01:38:08 SBARAGLIA Maria Novella

The following day a big battle between Gronlait (Seidenari-Schgaguler-Tavernaro) and US Primiero (Rigoni-Negrello-Simion) was expected.
Carlo Rigoni finished his great race 4 minutes before Giacomo Seidenari who had some problems after spectator control.
Manuel Negrello led a good race, but a mistake before the spectator control made him waste a minute by Schgaguler.
The gap between the 2 teams at last change over was 3 minutes, it seemed a reassuring gap for Giancarlo Simion (the new Italian Champion) but behind him started Michele Tavernaro.
Michele passed first at the spectator control, 2 minutes before Giancarlo.
Giancarlo had a big mistake before the spectator control.
At last Gronlait won by 4 minutes on US Primiero, Cus Bologna 3rd.

here are some pictures!!
Maps will follow on ‘last maps’ section.