After a week of problems skodeg-o is back on-line!

Next November Primiero will host one of the greatest and strangest night o-competition in the world, known as “Bevilonga“. The competition formula is very simple: it is a one-man relay composed by four little loops. The history of “Bevilonga” has begun several years ago when some important and notable athletes of U.S. Primiero and G.S. Pavione (the two o-club of the Primiero Valley) met and decided to organize a funny meeting with some orienteering.

At the end of every loop the runners have to “taste” (and drink) a big glass of the popular wine speciality known as “vin brulè” (it is an hot, sweet and spiced wine).

The board of directors of Skodeg-o is deciding right now when exactly “Bevilonga” will take place.

The competition area is a military top secret now, as the special map printing and the map-scale. Last year “Bevilonga” got success, almost 70 athletes came from every part of Italy (including famous international orienteers like <a href=""Michele Tavernaro, Emiliano Corona, Daniele Pagliari and obviously Junior o-team).

Italian orienteers are waiting for this big competition which is often the last o-competition of the year (after the famous Venice O-Meeting). Further informations will be available very soon on our website and in our forum.

the previous pictures are taken from Bevilonga 2006 album: above: Denny and Emiliano ready to start; below: some members of skodeg-o

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