SKI-O WC IN IDRE (+ pictures)

Not a good beginning for italian team in 2008 ski-o World Cup.
The snow lackness does not allow to train on maps so fo our runners the wc races were the first impact on the map.
The first race was a middle distance mass start, Gabriele had a good start while Daniele and Thomas had some problems.
At finish Gabriele took the 48th place, Daniele 54th and Thomas 57th.
Rest day then the long ditance, all italian team wants a revange but thing will not be better.
After first loop the three italians are very close each other. Dalen lost much time during second loop so he could not do better than the 50th place. Gabriele and Thomas did a cleaner reace finishing 43th and 44th.

Relay was not satisfacting as well, Italy ended 20th.

Congratulation to Claudia, she get the 8th place at the long distance pre-JWOC race, first non-swedish girl!

Pictures from race and closing party are available here