During 2 foggy days italian champs in relay and long have been held in Forte Cherle, same maps of 2 stages of 5 days of Italy 2007.
Saturday the 2-legs relay was dominated by G.S. MonteGiner; Luca Dallavalle finished his course in 4th position but then an incredible Gabriele Canella managed to win the race overtaking Cauriol, U.S. Primiero and G.S. Castello di Fiemme.
Second were Thomas Zanoner with Stefano Cristellon and third Daniele Orler with Aaron Gaio.

In women s race no problem to win for T.O.L., Johana Murer with Christine Kirchlechner led since the begining of the race, at second place U.S. Primiero with the juniors Claudia Zanetel and Meryl Pradel. Third again T.O.L.

Sunday is day for long distance. In MElite no problem for Gabriele Canella who won with a clear lead of 3 minutes over Thomas Zanoner, for the last step of podium there was a hard fight between Cristian Giacomuzzi and Daniele Orler, the exereinced trainer managed to let behind Daniele.

Another gold for Christine Kirchlechner, she won the long distance over Claudia Zanetel (17 years old).

Gabriele Canella, Thomas Zanoner (World Cup) Claudia Zanetel, Meryl Pradel, Federico Daprà  (JWOC) with the trainer Cristian Giacomuzzi will be the italian team in Bulgaria.


  1. What an hard race! Hard for all but not for our best ski-o competitor, Cannella!

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