Although the unlucky italian orienteering competitions calendar 2008 (the middle distance at the same time of 10mila), the first italian championships of the season brought us a great elite competition with the largest part of elite italian athlets at the start. Unfortunately two important absences portraied the event, in fact Klaus Schgaguler and Mikhail Mamleev were in Sweden to run the famous relay.
In the men class Marco Seppi (in a very great shape at the moment) won preceding his junger brother Andrea Seppi (the outsider who made a very cool performance) and Michele Tavernaro. In the women class Michela Guizzardi thook easily the title giving more than two minutes to Maria Novella Sbaraglia (last year’s champion), Laura Scaravonati gained the lowest podium step.
The final race was held in a hilly open area terrain near Geneve, and the competitions weren’t so hard tecnically, therefore the phisical conditions of the runners have made the great difference.
Our runner Manuel Negrello, after a great performance in qualification race, ran a quite good final gaining the fifth place in men class. The next italian championships appointment will be the sprint distance, which will hold in Pergine Valsugana in the beginning of June.
The elite class results (big podium) follow:


Marco Seppi (CUS Bologna) 26.25
Andrea Seppi (S.O.M) 27.06
Michele Tavernaro (Gronlait) 27.46
Alessio Tenani (GS Forestale) 28.05
Manuel Negrello (US Primiero) 28.21
Denny Pagliari (GS Forestale) 28.27


Michela Guizzardi (CUS Bologna) 26.19
M. Novella Sbaraglia (G.O.S.) 28.36
Laura Scaravonati (GS Forestale) 29.29
Heike Torggler (Fitmonza) 31.16
Helga Bertoldi (GS Forestale) 31.36
Federica Maggioni (Besanese) 32.47

Picture taken on Alessio Tenani website