skodeg-ois going to partecipe to an another famouse international orienteering event!

After a lot of multi-days competition (O-ringen,5days of Fortresses,Pannon O-days,WOC-tour Danmark,…), after the incredible Tiomila2007 (video) and after many other international competition (Blodslitet, Suisse Champs); seven orienters of’s team will take part at the world’s most important relay. JUKOLA!!

For the first time skodeg-o will be officialy in Finland. Before other two orienters of skodeg-o team have been in Finland: Dalen (alias Daniele Orler) and Kanna (alias Gabriele Cannella) in winter for ski-o WC.

The main (which’s goal fot the team is to take the airplain for the backfly at 14.30 on Sunday) is made up by:

  • 1 LEG: Giuseppe “ginocchio bionico” Bezzi
    (from Trentino,winner of the Beer Relay 2007 at Pannon O-days 2007)
  • 2 LEG: Ingemar “casanovatore” Neuhauser
    (from South Tyrol, Italian Champion of Mtb-o, has run the langa natta at Tiomila2008)
  • 3 LEG: Stefano “bombarolo” Cristellon
    (from Trentino,skyrunner and 2nd place at Beer Relay at Pannon O-days 2007,one of the strongest elite orienteer in Trentino)
  • 4 LEG: Claudio “intrallazzo” Zanon
    (from Trentino, youngst runner of the team,has done the Tiomila 2007,Junior Italian Champion Relay)
  • 5 LEG: Giovanni “datemi del disel” Sonna
    (from Trentino, has done the Tiomila 2007, 3th at the recent Ski-o Junior Italian Cup 2002)
  • 6 LEG: Maria “novello di Teroldego” Sbaraglia
    (from Roma,Italian Champion 2007 in Middle Distance,at WOC in Latvia last may,our best runner)
  • 7 LEG: Paolo “bring me to the hospital” Dorigati
    (from Trentino,he’s the only orienteer of the team who can say:I’ve finish the Bloodslitet)

The goal of our 7 heros is the 449° place, in order to do better than the Erebus Vicenza team,from Italy,who has parteciped last year at Jukola2007. For the important event we have done a particulary t-shirt, we will wear it during the event.

We are not the only italian team up there. US Primiero will run the Venla relay with a young and respectable team, the first italian Venla relay. Giancarlo Simion (the fresh Italian Champion in Sprint) will start off for Verttuun Namika 1.

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  1. Brao paolino, es masa attivo e eccitato! Comunque le frazion 4 e 5 le àƒÃ‚¨ invertide!

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