Mass start at Jukola, the fresh italian champion, our Gian is the anchor man of Verttuun Namika, a finnish team which hosted him for the race; Gian will run the first leg.

Everyone know that Gian is in a good shape and expected him for a place into first 70; the aim of Verttuun Namika is get a place into first 300.

ready? GOOOO!!! after 2.7kms Giancarlo is 84th 2 minutes behind the lead. A good start considering the high start number. But is not enough for Gian, he wants more! so49th at 4.4km, 42th at 6.9kms, 15th at 10.2 kms and 11th at the change over 3 minutes and half behind the leader! Amazing leg!

Our team, got a final 441st place with seven regular legs.

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  1. come che el faràƒÃ‚  a eser anchor man e fare il lancio in contemporanea……

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