Mass start at Jukola, the fresh italian champion, our Gian is the anchor man of Verttuun Namika, a finnish team which hosted him for the race; Gian will run the first leg.

Everyone know that Gian is in a good shape and expected him for a place into first 70; the aim of Verttuun Namika is get a place into first 300.

ready? GOOOO!!! after 2.7kms Giancarlo is 84th 2 minutes behind the lead. A good start considering the high start number. But is not enough for Gian, he wants more! so49th at 4.4km, 42th at 6.9kms, 15th at 10.2 kms and 11th at the change over 3 minutes and half behind the leader! Amazing leg!

Our team, got a final 441st place with seven regular legs.


skodeg-ois going to partecipe to an another famouse international orienteering event!

After a lot of multi-days competition (O-ringen,5days of Fortresses,Pannon O-days,WOC-tour Danmark,…), after the incredible Tiomila2007 (video) and after many other international competition (Blodslitet, Suisse Champs); seven orienters of’s team will take part at the world’s most important relay. JUKOLA!!

For the first time skodeg-o will be officialy in Finland. Before other two orienters of skodeg-o team have been in Finland: Dalen (alias Daniele Orler) and Kanna (alias Gabriele Cannella) in winter for ski-o WC.

The main (which’s goal fot the team is to take the airplain for the backfly at 14.30 on Sunday) is made up by:

  • 1 LEG: Giuseppe “ginocchio bionico” Bezzi
    (from Trentino,winner of the Beer Relay 2007 at Pannon O-days 2007)
  • 2 LEG: Ingemar “casanovatore” Neuhauser
    (from South Tyrol, Italian Champion of Mtb-o, has run the langa natta at Tiomila2008)
  • 3 LEG: Stefano “bombarolo” Cristellon
    (from Trentino,skyrunner and 2nd place at Beer Relay at Pannon O-days 2007,one of the strongest elite orienteer in Trentino)
  • 4 LEG: Claudio “intrallazzo” Zanon
    (from Trentino, youngst runner of the team,has done the Tiomila 2007,Junior Italian Champion Relay)
  • 5 LEG: Giovanni “datemi del disel” Sonna
    (from Trentino, has done the Tiomila 2007, 3th at the recent Ski-o Junior Italian Cup 2002)
  • 6 LEG: Maria “novello di Teroldego” Sbaraglia
    (from Roma,Italian Champion 2007 in Middle Distance,at WOC in Latvia last may,our best runner)
  • 7 LEG: Paolo “bring me to the hospital” Dorigati
    (from Trentino,he’s the only orienteer of the team who can say:I’ve finish the Bloodslitet)

The goal of our 7 heros is the 449° place, in order to do better than the Erebus Vicenza team,from Italy,who has parteciped last year at Jukola2007. For the important event we have done a particulary t-shirt, we will wear it during the event.

We are not the only italian team up there. US Primiero will run the Venla relay with a young and respectable team, the first italian Venla relay. Giancarlo Simion (the fresh Italian Champion in Sprint) will start off for Verttuun Namika 1.


Although the unlucky italian orienteering competitions calendar 2008 (the middle distance at the same time of 10mila), the first italian championships of the season brought us a great elite competition with the largest part of elite italian athlets at the start. Unfortunately two important absences portraied the event, in fact Klaus Schgaguler and Mikhail Mamleev were in Sweden to run the famous relay.
In the men class Marco Seppi (in a very great shape at the moment) won preceding his junger brother Andrea Seppi (the outsider who made a very cool performance) and Michele Tavernaro. In the women class Michela Guizzardi thook easily the title giving more than two minutes to Maria Novella Sbaraglia (last year’s champion), Laura Scaravonati gained the lowest podium step.
The final race was held in a hilly open area terrain near Geneve, and the competitions weren’t so hard tecnically, therefore the phisical conditions of the runners have made the great difference.
Our runner Manuel Negrello, after a great performance in qualification race, ran a quite good final gaining the fifth place in men class. The next italian championships appointment will be the sprint distance, which will hold in Pergine Valsugana in the beginning of June.
The elite class results (big podium) follow:


Marco Seppi (CUS Bologna) 26.25
Andrea Seppi (S.O.M) 27.06
Michele Tavernaro (Gronlait) 27.46
Alessio Tenani (GS Forestale) 28.05
Manuel Negrello (US Primiero) 28.21
Denny Pagliari (GS Forestale) 28.27


Michela Guizzardi (CUS Bologna) 26.19
M. Novella Sbaraglia (G.O.S.) 28.36
Laura Scaravonati (GS Forestale) 29.29
Heike Torggler (Fitmonza) 31.16
Helga Bertoldi (GS Forestale) 31.36
Federica Maggioni (Besanese) 32.47

Picture taken on Alessio Tenani website


During 2 foggy days italian champs in relay and long have been held in Forte Cherle, same maps of 2 stages of 5 days of Italy 2007.
Saturday the 2-legs relay was dominated by G.S. MonteGiner; Luca Dallavalle finished his course in 4th position but then an incredible Gabriele Canella managed to win the race overtaking Cauriol, U.S. Primiero and G.S. Castello di Fiemme.
Second were Thomas Zanoner with Stefano Cristellon and third Daniele Orler with Aaron Gaio.

In women s race no problem to win for T.O.L., Johana Murer with Christine Kirchlechner led since the begining of the race, at second place U.S. Primiero with the juniors Claudia Zanetel and Meryl Pradel. Third again T.O.L.

Sunday is day for long distance. In MElite no problem for Gabriele Canella who won with a clear lead of 3 minutes over Thomas Zanoner, for the last step of podium there was a hard fight between Cristian Giacomuzzi and Daniele Orler, the exereinced trainer managed to let behind Daniele.

Another gold for Christine Kirchlechner, she won the long distance over Claudia Zanetel (17 years old).

Gabriele Canella, Thomas Zanoner (World Cup) Claudia Zanetel, Meryl Pradel, Federico Daprà  (JWOC) with the trainer Cristian Giacomuzzi will be the italian team in Bulgaria.


During a “hot” and windy day almost 5600 skiers competed on the 70 kilometers of Marcialonga the most beautiful cross country skiing competition in Italy.
Anders Aukland from Norway dominated the race, second was his brother Jorgen and third the 2007s winner Jerry Ahrlin.
4th was the orienteering runner Oskar Svà¤rd.
Also a small skodeg group made up by 5 people was there, for them the race was really hard.
Dalen finished 236th, Iopo 264th, Manuel 535th, CRS 574th and Carlo 1373rd. Now the goal for them is Vasaloppet!